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Our sourdough

In order to guarantee the optimal digestibility of our bread, we exclusively use our own natural sourdough.

Sourdough consists of only flour and water. Wild yeast and various lactic acid bacteria are already present in the wheat grain and are found in the composition of the flour when the grain is ground. If these enter a favourable environment to their reproduction, they will multiply and, over time, will lead to the development of a stable population which will give a sourdough starter ready to make excellent bread.

The minimum fermentation time of the sourdough starter is 6-7 hours, after which all the minerals are released. Their assimilation by our body is facilitated, which is an asset for our health.

Lactic acid creates a slight acidity, which improves the taste of the bread.

Through sourdough fermentation, some of the gluten is already broken down by amylase, which is also naturally present in flour and improves digestibility.

Nature has given the grain everything we need to make good bread.